Micah Burkholder
Caleb Cullers
Grant Devine
Zach Schmucker
Trevor Devine
Daniel Gonzalez
Dawson Hickman
Gabe Kerr
Shay Kyser
Phoenix Martin
Ethan Nunemaker
Mason Porter
Ashton Shively


The ballpark is located on Woodies Lane between State Road 331 and 3rd Road.

The ballpark is located in Stauffer Park.

Ballpark will be on the right.

New Paris
The ballpark is located on Division Street (County Road 23).

The ballpark is located on the corner of Jefferson, and Tucker, just off State Road 19 south.

The ballpark is on right, parking south of diamond.


Player Stats

Boys of Summer Standings

Bremen 2-0
Nappanee 2-0
Mentone 1-0
Whitko 1-1
Middlebury 0-2
New Paris 0-3

May 23, 2016

THE TRAIN KEPT A RUNNIN, ___ _____ ____.
THE TRAIN KEPT A RUNNIN, ___ _____ ____.

10U and 12U Division Rules and Bylaws
League Director: Zach Benko


1. All base runners must slide or attempt to get around a fielder who has possession of the ball and is waiting to make a tag .

a A player failing to slide or avoid contact with a fielder waiting to make a tag will be called out regardless of the outcome of the play.

The Bremen All-Stars traveled to Gai Paree (New Paris) and came away with a Class 2 Hurricane win, 13 to 6.

Let’s start with pitching
Micah (Raging Bull) got the start and the win, after 3 very effective (take command) innings on the mound going for 1 run scored, 1 walk, and 3BIGK’s. Next up Trevor (Elwood the other brother), back from rehab and ready to play, going 1 strong inning, for 1 run scored, 1 walk, and 2K’s. Pitching 1 inning in middle relief Mason (ColeTrain) throwing pitches fooling everyone on the other side, and staying in control for 4 runs, and zer0000 walks. Finishing the game with 2 (I’m in charge) innings Daniel-SAN pitching his hidden ball pitches for zer0000000 runs, zer000 walks, and 2K’s. OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOnly 2 walks for 7 innings UNHEARD OF EXCEPT FOR THESE PITCHERS!

Ending the first inning, with a up the middle (should have been a single) hit that shortstop Phoenix (THE BIRD MAN) flew to, grabbed the grounder stepped on second and threw to Shay at first for double-double-double play to end the inning. Outfield play (have I mentioned that any All-star who plays outfield for this team makes plays that this coach has rarely seen, there GGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGREAT), in left, Ashton (Hustler), and center Dawson (Hawk) each caught long flys that should have been hits. In right Zach (FreightTrain) tracked to the foul line stabbed a hit on the first bounce, and kept the hitter to a single. Caleb (the Crane) at second going into right field and snaring an over the shoulder pop up for an out.

a CLASS 2 HURRICANE OFFENSE 16 hits yessssssssssssssssssss. Leading the hit storm, (like a bull in a china shop) Micah with a 3 hit game. 3 solid singles for 3 runs scored and 2 RBIs. With 2 hit games Ashton-Phoenix-Shay. The Hustler had 1 single 1 gap long-long-long double for 2 runs scored and 3 (yes3) RBIs. The Bird Man a pretty bunt single, a single up the middle, for 2 runs scored. Fightin Irish 2 singles, (1 down the right field line that he turned on) for 1 run scored, 1 RBI. With 1 hit games Daniel-Dawson-Ethan-Caleb-Mason-Zach-Trevor. Daniel-SAN a nice single for 1 run scored. Hawk 1 duck snort single for 2 runs scored, 2 RBI’s. Shoeless (REALLY SHOELESS tonight) 1 ground ball single for 1 RBI. Crane 1 infield (ICANBEATYOURTHROW) single for 1 RBI. FreightTrain 1 foul off 15 pitches and wear you out line drive single to right for 1 RBI. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAANNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNDDDDDDDDDDDDD Elwood (the other brother) 1 hit but (WHAT A HIT) a line drive ground rule double that made it to the fence before the pitch was thrown for 1 run scored 1 RBI. Aaaaannnnnnnnnnnndddddddddd not to be outdone Grant (Joliet Jake the other brother) had 3 quality at bats, and earned 1 walk.

And Keeping With Paree Theme

My favorite French Singer of all time!

May 16, 2016

THE TRAIN KEPT A RUNNIN, ___ _____ ____.
THE TRAIN KEPT A RUNNIN, ___ _____ ____.

Bremen traveled to Pierceton to play a makeup game with Whitco, taking it to the boys from Whitley County in an 8 to 3 win. The defense stayed hot, the pitching continued to blaze, and the offense is starting to heat up. Knocking out a total of 17 singles, (DID I SAY 17 SINGLES I MEAN SEEEEEEEEVENTEEEEEEEEEEEN HITS). With every All-Star getting on the hit band wagon.

Leading the hit parade with a 3 hit game; Daniel-SAN his first 3 hitter of the season, 3 singles 1 run scored and 1 RBI.

With 2 hit games were Micah-Phoenix-Shay-Zach. Micah (Raging Bull) had 2 deep singles, and 2 runs scored. Phoenix had 2 mystical bird singles for 1 RBI. Shay (Fightin Irish) 2 ground singles up the middle for 1 run scored, and 1 RBI. The (Freight Train) Zach got his wheels turning, for 2 singles (his first 2 hit game as an All-Star), 1 a bases loaded 2 RBI single the other a hard hit single to right.

With 1 hit games all the rest of the All-Stars, Ashton-Dawson-Ethan-Caleb-Grant-Mason. Ashton (the Hustler) hustled out another infield single for 1 run scored, and 1 RBI. Dawson (the Hawk) a line drive single for 2 runs scored. Ethan (Nuny) 1 single up the middle and a HBP the first All-Star to be hit. Caleb (the Crain) beat out an infield single. Grant (Joliet Jake) just back from a weekend soccer series with the Chicago Fire, had a right field single for 1 run scored. Mason (ColeTrain) had a hard hit single for 2 RBI’s.

Fantastic Defense
Phoenix flew into left field near the foul line, with the Hustler bearing down on him from left field, Phoenix had another over your head catch of a long fly ball. Caleb in left field ran a long distance towards the infield and scooped a fly ball for and out. Zach in right field running hard to the foul line tracked down a line drive for an out. Shay at second base fought his way to behind first to catch a would be duck snort single. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAnd Shoeless for his catchers crouch threw a line drive shot to shortstop Phoenix for a tag out of a would be base stealer.

Stupendous Pitching:
Daniel-SAN started and got the win after going 4 innings (of now you see it-now you don’t) pitches for 1 run scored, zer0000000000 walks, and 2K’s. ColeTrain in his first pitching action of the season threw 1 quality inning for 2 runs scored, and 1 walk. Raging Bull finished the game, and just overpowered the Whitco hitters going 2 innings for zer00000000 runs, 1 walk, 1K, and zer000000000000 hits.

May 12, 2016

THE TRAIN KEPT A RUNNIN, ___ _____ ____.
THE TRAIN KEPT A RUNNIN, ___ _____ ____.

Bremen traveled the long road to Middlebury for a game Wednesday night, and controlled all seven innings, for a 5 to 2 win. By controlling I mean EXXXXXXXXXXXCELLANT defense, EXXXXXXXXXXXXCELLANT pitching, and timely, clutch hitting.

Defensive Highlights
Let’s start in the first inning, a runner on third 1 out. A hard hit grounder back to Daniel-SAN, who cupped the ball, threw a sizzler to Mason (COALTRAIN) at first for the second out, COALTRAIN then threw a sizzler to Ethan (Shoeless Nuny) at the plate who tagged the runner trying to score for the third out. The All-Stars first double play of the season. Phoenix at shortstop, flying into center field (like a mystical bird), and with center fielder Dawson (Hawk) flying in from center Phoenix caught the fly, with an over the shoulder catch. In left field keeping a hard hit ground single in front of him, Caleb (the Crain i.e. CC or as the Yankees refer to him in my weekly updates CC-2) scooped the ball up like a Crain , threw a rocket to Daniel-SAN at second for an aggressive tag out of the runner trying to stretch a single into a double. How about in the 7th inning another hard hit grounder to left where left fielder Ashton, (hustled) over, dove to keep the grounder in front of him and keep the runner out of scoring position.

Oooooooooooooooooooooh what stellar pitching. Daniel-SAN got the start and went 3 innings baffling the Middlebury hitters with his (sleight of hand) off speed pitches for 1 run scored, 1 walk, 3K’s, and 70% strikes thrown, for the win. Finishing the game (going 4 innings) was Micah (RAGING BULL), who threw strikes (69%) keeping the hitters off balance, not a one had a hard hit, for 1 run scored, 1 walk, and 6K’s (YES 6K’s)

Offensive Highlights
Timely Hitting
Leading the way with a 2 hit game, was the RAGING BULL 1 RBI single 1 RBI double, and 2 runs scored. With 1 hit games were Ashton, Daniel, Dawson, Phoenix, Shay, and Ethan. Ashton (HUSTLER) who hustled out an (I can beat your throw to first) infield single, for an RBI. Daniel-SAN a line drive single to right. Hawk who sent a hard hit line drive (I MEAN A HARD HIT LINE DRIVE) over the center fielders head for a RBI triple, an All-star first of the season. Phoenix sent a (mystical bird) line drive single up the middle, and came around to score after running the base paths hard. Shay (FIGHTIN IRISH) line drive single up the middle in the 7th inning. Shoeless Nuny who sent a pitch to left field for a line drive single. Zach got on base twice after earning walks, and ran bases like a (FRIEGHT TRAIN). Grant (JOILET JAKE – the other brother) had 3 quality plate appearances, and 1 hard hit ground out. DL update; going on the 30 day DL, retroactive to May 1 was Trevor (ELWOOD the other brother). Elwood will be doing his rehab assignment with either the Kane County Cougars of the Class A Midwest league, or the Calumet City Rockers of the of the USBHL (United States Big House League)

May 3, 2016

Bremen opened play in the Boys of Summer league with a convincing 14 to3 win over New Paris on May 1 at Bremen. It was a very good first game of the season, our defense shone, our pitchers threw strikes, and our offence came to life the second and third time through the batting order.

This team has 12 solid All-Star baseball players, but it is a TEAM it needs all the All-Stars playing well to succeed. It is like a train with 12 wheels, when one wheel does not turn the train does not move.

On with the highlights:

The 3 pitchers for the game Trevor-Daniel-Micah each had hard hit balls back to the mound, each was fielded smoothly, and outs were made at first. The whole team backed each other up well, hustled to every ball, and kept the New Paris boys in check.

Starting and going 3 strong innings was Trevor, finishing with zer00000000000 runs, walking just 1, and having 7K’s (yes 7 K’s). Daniel going 2 strong innings giving up just 2 runs, with 2 walks, and 2 K’s for the win. Micah finishing it off for 1 inning strongly, giving up just 1 run, with zer00000000000 walks, and 1K.

Leading the way with 2 hit games was
Ashton in his first All-Star game 2 singles, 2 runs scored and 1 RBI (way to go Ashton). Daniel just like in Daniel fashion, 2 hard hit singles, and 2 runs scored. Shay (who always has the luck of the IRISH with him) 1 single, 1 walkoff double for 4 RBI’s (YES 4 RBI’s).

With 1 hit games were
Dawson (THE HAWK) a solid single, for 2 runs scored and 1 RBI. Ethan (NUNY) 1 long over your head double for 1 runs scored and 2 RBI’s. Mason another over your head double, for 2 runs scored, and 1 RBI. Grant (the other brother) 1 line drive single for 2 runs scored (1 was the game winner), and 1 RBI. Micah 1 deep single, 1 SAC fly for 2 RBI’s. Phoenix 1 (the flight of the) single for 1 run scored, and 1 RBI. Trevor (the other brother) 1 infield (run hard to first and beat the throw) single for 1 run scored. Getting the other RBI was Caleb after earning a bases loaded walk, and scoring 1 run after earning an inning extending walk. Zach had 3 quality at bats, (fouling off many pitches and working the count deep).


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