Micah Burkholder
Caleb Cullers
Grant Devine
Zach Schmucker
Trevor Devine
Daniel Gonzalez
Dawson Hickman
Gabe Kerr
Shay Kyser
Phoenix Martin
Ethan Nunemaker
Mason Porter
Ashton Shively

Player Stats

Boys of Summer Standings

1 Mentone
2 Bremen
3 Nappanee
4 Whitko
5 New Paris
6 Middlebury

August 21, 2016

THE TRAIN KEPT A RUNNIN, ___ _____ ____.
THE TRAIN KEPT A RUNNIN, ___ _____ ____.

Bremen Youth Baseball 2017 12U All-Star Team Try-outs

All try-outs at Major league diamond (south)
Open workout (voluntary) Wednesday September 14 5:00 to 7:00
First try-out (mandatory) Saturday September 17 5:00 to 7:00
Second & final try-out (mandatory) Sunday September 18 2:00 to 4:00

To be eligible to try-out you must play Bremen Youth Baseball

Questions: contact Jeff Swank 574-546-5001.

August 14, 2016

THE TRAIN KEPT A RUNNIN, ___ _____ ____.
THE TRAIN KEPT A RUNNIN, ___ _____ ____.

The 2016 celebration was a success. The gracious hosts Amy & Todd Hundt welcomed us into their home and we ceeeeeeeeeeeeeeelebrated.

This year was special for me, I enjoyed every second of it, from the winter workouts to the time in Flora. This team played ball the way it should be played, aggressive, hard, all game long. Baseball knowledge was abundant with these 13 All-stars, and it showed every time they took the field.

This year’s award winners were the following:

MVP = Micah Burkholder

Coaches Award = Shay Kyser & Daniel Gonzalez & Ethan Nunemaker

Rookie of the year = Ashton Shivley

Highest Batting Average = 516% Dawson Hickman

500 Club = Trevor Devine & Micah Burkholder




August 8, 2016

THE TRAIN KEPT A RUNNIN, ___ _____ ____.
THE TRAIN KEPT A RUNNIN, ___ _____ ____.

Parents: Just a reminder.

For the 13th year in a row Todd and Amy Hundt have graciously offered their humble home for our year ending celebration. It will take place Sunday August 14th at 1:00 pm. There will be swimming, good conversation, and awards handed out. The main course will either be pizzas or burgers along with water and pop provided by our hosts. Families need to bring a side dish, chips, or desserts. The whole family is more than welcome to attend, including grandparents. The All-stars need to turn in their pants, and belts. See you there; Coach Swank

I would like to take this time to Thank (the mostly behind the scenes) individuals that if we didn’t have this wouldn’t work.

Coach Brian Town; Brian was not behind the scene, but he was unable to be with the team for most of the year. His work with the pitchers in the winter workouts, and his coaching at the pre-season practices, and early season games helped tredmentdoiusly. The 6 young All-stars that threw innings for the team averaged 63% strikes that is unheard of for a group at this age. Most in part by Coach B teachings, (all who are coached by Coach B, are better ball players for it). Coach Towns better half Leslie Town; The patches that you wore (so proudly) the uniforms that needed altered, Leslie did that (she’s the official team seamstress for the band).

Cindy Reynolds - TCL; The uniforms that you wore, the hats-the pants-the sweatshirts, all done by Cindy.

Anna Jensen - Jensen Awards; The shirts you wore, the awards you receive all done by Anna (and a little by husband Don).

Mic Gardner; He’s been the home game umpire crew chief for years, he’s been great. Helps with try-outs, helps with coaching gooooooooood guy.

Pedro Lopez: diamond set up man, winter workout set up man. Just graduated high school been helping the All-stars for years.

And last but not least; Bill Paolucci; Mr. Paolucci; I didn’t make him up (he’s not part of my imagination) he’s real, and real gooood, with our website, and our pictures, our communications, and whatever you need. I remember a tournament at LaPaz (way back) . They didn’t have game balls, I called Bill he went to the diamond picked up a dozen and brought them to me, woooooooooooow.

July 27 2016

THE TRAIN KEPT A RUNNIN, ___ _____ ____.
THE TRAIN KEPT A RUNNIN, ___ _____ ____.

This Bremen All-Star team made it to the Town & Country State tournament, wwwwwwhat an accomplishment. The first 12U team to get there and when there, played well, making the town of Bremen proud. This team extended their season as far as they could, playing 29 games with an 18 & 11 record, wwwwwwwwwwhat an accomplishment.


Ethan Nunemaker had 2 hits, 1 single 1 double for 2 runs scored, and 2 RBI’s. He caught all but 3 innings in the blistering heat, and always came back for more. He picked off 2 would be stealers at second, with rocket throws.

Micah Burkholder had 1 hit for 2 runs scored, pitched 8 innings, striking out 10 (YES 10), and kept on throwing strikes keeping his team in games. He played third fielding all the hits.

Grant Devine was HBP, and hit the ball hard. He played stellar defense at 4 positions second, third, pitcher and shortstop. While at Short he dove for a hard hit grounder, and from his knees (YES KNEES) threw out the runner at first. He pitched the last inning of the tournament.

Gabe Kerr made the trip to the finals, cheering on his fellow All-Stars, and keeping their spirits up. Plus he told the coaches that he is ahead of schedule on his recovery, which is EXCELLENT news.

Mason Porter had 1 long single for 1 run scored, and kept driving in those RBI’s (3). Played right field, first base, third base, and pitched his team out of a jam, which he always did.

Ashton Shivley scored 2 runs, after earning walks. He played a ggggggggggggreat center field, robbing a hitter of an extra base hit on a gap shot line drive.

Shay Kyser had 5 (YES 5) solid singles for 2 runs scored, and 2 RBI’s. Played second base first base, and center field. At first base he caught everything his infielders threw at him, and at second base stole a single that was hard hit, for an easy out.

Trevor Devine had 1 hit (BUT WHAT A HIT) a long-long-long-long home run over the pizza sign in left center field that went all the way to the Carroll County line, for 2 runs scored, and 2 RBI’s. He played right field, first base, and pitched 3 innings striking out 7 (YES 7).

Dawson Hickman had 5 (YES 5) hits 3 singles, and 2 gap doubles. He missed the first game, but he brought his big bat to the rest of the games. For 1 run scored, and 6 (YES 6) RBI’s. He played left-right-center field all well, what a versatile outfielder.

Caleb Cullers played excellent left and right field, tracking down everything hit his way. Played innings at second base fielding the rough grounders for outs. He had a HBP off his left hand that swelled and bruised, but he refused to leave the game, and finished his at bat switch hitting to the amazement of his teammates.

Zach Schmucker played left and right field, running down the line drives just out of reach. Playing with a severely strained back he kept pushing through the stiffness for one HBP and one down the right field line to the fence double.

Daniel Gonzalez had 3 hits, 2 singles and one over your head centerfielder double. He played second base, catcher, shortstop, and pitched 3 1/3 innings, of typical Daniel style 69% strike pitching.

Phoenix Martin had 1 single for 3 runs scored, and played stupendous shortstop, fielding all that was hit between second and third, I MEAN FROM SECOND BASE TO THIRD BASE, (WHAT A SHORTSTOP).

Steve Zellmer coaching third, and keeping the team in the game, yelling when he has to, consoling when they need it. Big

Jeff Zellmer coaching first base, moving the runners aggressively, yelling defenses from the dugout, protecting his players.

Drew Porter maintaining the excellent scorebook, watching for mis-plays by the other team. They say if you can’t have Luuuuuuuuuuuuuuu, you better have Drewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww.

There you have it the 2016 edition of the BREMEN All-Stars, each great on their own, AND EVEN BETTER ALL TOGETHER What an enjoyable and mystical year it was.

July 26 2016

THE TRAIN KEPT A RUNNIN, ___ _____ ____.
THE TRAIN KEPT A RUNNIN, ___ _____ ____.

The Bremen 12U All-Star baseball team finished with a 2nd seed at the Rochester Semi-state. Advancing to the State tournament held July 20th to July 24th in Flora Indiana. The All-Stars finished a solid 5th at the State.

Pictured from left to right; Front row Caleb Cullers, Ethan Nunemaker, Shay Kyser, Phoenix Martin, Daniel Gonzalez, and Grant Devine. Back row Zach Schmucker, Mason Porter, Micah Burkholder, Trevor Devine, and Ashton Shivley. Coaches Steve Zellmer, Jeff Swank, and Jeff Zellmer.

Missing the Semi-State championship game, but rejoining the team for the State tournament Dawson Hickman.

Town & Country Baseball is an organization designed to create a competitive tournament for smaller youth baseball programs. Town & Country Baseball offers 3 great tournaments with our senior 12U division history dating back to 1969. Starting in 1995 a junior 10U division, and in 2003 rookie 8U division state tournaments were organized.

July 21 2016

THE TRAIN KEPT A RUNNIN, ___ _____ ____.
THE TRAIN KEPT A RUNNIN, ___ _____ ____.


The Bremen All-Stars traveled to Fulton County to play in the Rochester Semi-state. Did I say play (I MEAN FINISH WITH A 2 SEED FOR THE STATE TOURNAMENT). The competition was better but not good enough for the All-Stars from Bremen. We played great defense, great pitching, and just enough offense to finish as a 2 seed.

We didn’t score a lot of runs but we had timely hitting, and scored what we needed. We ran the bases hard, and were aggressive. Leading the way with 5 hits were Shay, Daniel, and Micah. Shay got his hips into his swing, and came away with 3 singles 2 doubles for 2 runs scored and 1 RBI. Daniel with his thumb healed had 4 singles, 1 double for 3 runs scored. Micah with his crushing swing had 5 singles for 1 run scored, and 4 RBI’s. With 4 hits was Grant, swinging a hot bat, he came away with 3 singles, 1 double for 4 runs scored, and 2 RBI’s. With 3 hits was Dawson 3 solid singles for 1 run scored, and 1 RBI. With 2 hits were Ethan, Caleb, and Trevor. Ethan 1 hot smash single, 1 hot smash double for 1 RBI. Caleb 1 line drive single to center, and 1 hard-hard double down the left field line (his first All-Star double) for 1 run scored and 3 RBI’s. Trevor (The Foot) had 2 hard hit doubles for 1 run scored, and 1 RBI. With 1 hit Mason, Phoenix, and Ashton. Mason 1 solid single for 1 run scored, and 1 RBI. Phoenix 1 smashed single for 3 runs scored. Ashton a long single and drove in Bremen base runners with hard grounders for 4 RBI’s. Scoring the other Bremen run was Zach after earning a walk.

Daniel went 11 innings of solid-solid-SOLID pitching throwing 70% strikes for 2 walks, and 16 (YES 16) BIGK’s. Micah with his hard fastball, and his harder curve ball went for 9 innings, keeping his team in games for 9 walks, and 6 K’s. Trevor (the foot) 2 innings of 1 foot pitching for 2 walks, and 1 K. Shay 1 inning of solid relief extending the game for his teammates. Mason 4 innings of I’m going to keep the other team off the base paths, and get us to the championship game which he did for 65% strikes 1 walk and 1K aaaaaaaaaaaand his first All-Star win. Grant 4 innings of getting Bremen out of jAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAms and get us to the championship game which he did throwing 65% strikes with1 walk, and 3K’s.

What grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrreat defense a lot of stellar plays, a few highlights that I remember. Grant at second diving for a grounder wheeling on his knees (HIS KNEES) and throwing out the runner. Daniel at second going into center field and catching a pop up over his shoulder. Ethan at catcher throwing out a would be stealing base runner at second, keeping his defensive teammate focused. Ashton in center running down gap hits for easy catches. Dawson in center doing the same. Dawson in right field going to the foul fence and snaring a pop up for an out. Again Dawson in right with Bremen clinging to a 1 run lead in the 6th ran in hard to rob a base hit liner and throwing a shot (did I say shot) I mean it had flames coming off it, to Ethan at home to catch the tying run 2 steps before home plate, and Ethan running him back to Grant at third for a tag out to secure the win. Shay at first base on an errant throw from a bunt, Shay jumped up made the catch came down found the base for an out. Then there’s Phoenix at short. St. Louis had the wizard of Oz, Bremen has the wizard of Phoenix. He played shortstop like a pin ball. Behind third (bing) stop a single throw out the runner, behind second (ping) stop a single throw out the runner, a smash grounder toooooooooo hot to handle (bing) field it easy throw out the runner. I ain’t seen nothing like him on any playing field. That wizard of Phoenix kid sure plays a mean baseball.


July 13 2016

THE TRAIN KEPT A RUNNIN, ___ _____ ____.
THE TRAIN KEPT A RUNNIN, ___ _____ ____.

The Bremen All-Stars traveled to Whitley County to play in the Town and Country district tournament. Play we did, 5 great games games each a joy to watch and cheer our All-Stars on. Walking away with a second place trophy, and a 2nd seed in next week’s semi-state.

Team Highlights
How bout a 445% team batting average. How bout 57 total hits, 12 doubles, 3 triples, and 3 homers. How bout 48 runs scored, allowing only a measly 21 runs. How bout 2 (not 1) but 2 shutouts. How bout 2 (not 1) but 2 mercy wins. How about all that. GGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGREAT

Let’s start with the BIG E Ethan; caught all but 2 innings, when his team won a game by scoring 3 runs on passed balls, he maintained the shutout for his pitchers with no (I MEAN N0000000000000) passed balls. Threw out 4 dropped 3rd strikeouts, flip a wild pitch to his pitcher for an out at the plate, communicated with the infield what to do. THE BEST CATCHER AT THE TOUNAMENT, the only other 2 close to him are his teammates. Outfield play was stupendous starting with Trevor in right. A hard hit line drive that he jump and grabbed with the ball slipping out of his glove he caught it with his bare hand. Ashton in center running in on a short fly he dove and caught just off the ground. Then going into right center field diving for another liner which he caught. Dawson in center doing the same thing in right center field, catching a liner just off the ground. The infield had some monumental plays also, in fact 2 game ending catches. The first by Grant at second base diving towards the bag and catching a line drive to end one game. Shay at first jumping high and snaring a liner then stepping on the bag to double off a runner for a game ending soloooooooo double play.

Leading the 57 hit attack with 8 hits was Micah 5 hard hit singles 2 gap doubles and 1 to the fence triple for 7 runs scored, and 4 RBI’s. With 7 hits each were Ashton, and Dawson. Ashton 3 singles, and 4 doubles (YES 4), 2 of which hit the fence on the fly in dead center field, for 6 runs scored, and 8 (YYYYYYYYYYES 8) RBI’s. Dawson 7 strong-strong-strong singles for 4 runs scored and 4 RBI’s. With 6 hits each were Shay, Phoenix, and THE OTHER BROTHERS Trevor and Grant. Shay 4 singles, 1 double, and 1 base clearing to the fence triple, for 5 runs scored, and 3 RBI’s. Phoenix 4 singles, 1 double, 1 triple and (I will turn on that pitch and send it to the moon) homer over the right field fence, for 7 runs scored, and 6 RBI’s. Trevor 4 singles 1 double, and 2 (not 1) but 2 line shot rocket blasts over the center field fence home runs, for 7 runs scored and 7 RBI’s. Grant 4 singles 2 right field shots to the fence doubles for 3 runs scored, and 4 RBI’s. With 4 hits was Zach, 2 singles and 2 hard-hard-hard doubles for 2 RBI’s. With 3 hits each were Ethan, and Daniel (the thumb). Ethan 2 smashem singles 1 a walk off single to end a game, for 2 runs scored and 3 RBI’s. (The thumb) 3 over the infielders head line singles for 2 runs scored. With 1 hit was Mason a hard hit single, buuuuuut wait, in his RBI deluge, when there was a Bremen All-Star on third Mason would drivum in, for 5 runs scored, and 7 (YES 7) RBI’s.

AAAAAAAAAAAAH pitching Five strong performances by 5 strong Bremen All-Star pitchers. They kept their team in games, or they settled their team down for a win, or they dominated the other team for wins. Micah pitched 10 innings at 65% strikes for 1 walk (YES 1), and 18 (YES 18) BIGBIGBIG K’s. Trevor pitched 7 innings for 6 walks and 11 (YES 11) BIGBIG K’s. Daniel pitched 4 innings of shutout ball (did I say shutout) I MEAN SHUTOUT BALL for 70% strikes zer000 walks and 1K. Shay 2 1/3 innings his first All-Star start, and another successful finish for 3 walks, and 1K. Mason 2/3 of an inning (TO SETTLE HIS TEAM DOWN) for 2BIGK’s. GREAT TOURNAMENT ALL WHO SAW THE GAMES WERE IMPRESSED WITH THE PLAY AND THE PLAYERS.

July 11 2016

THE TRAIN KEPT A RUNNIN, ___ _____ ____.
THE TRAIN KEPT A RUNNIN, ___ _____ ____.

Bremen traveled to Fulton County to play the boys from Rochester, and came away with a convincing win 12 to zer0000000000. Great tune up for Whitley County. Pitching we used 6 All-Stars and they posted great numbers = 65% strikes, 1 walk, and 14 (YES 14) K’s. Micah got the start, and went 2 Ragin innings with zer0000000000 runs, zer00000000000 walks, and 4BIGK’s. Shay was next and Rocky threw the bender well, for zer000000 runs zer000000 walks and 2 BIGK’s. Next up Trevor with heat, hot-hot-hot for zer0000 runs zer00 walks and 3BIGK;s. Mason was next in line throwing up-down-in-out-bend-drop for zer000000 runs zer000000 walks and 3BIGK’S. Next in line came Grant throwing hard-hard-hard for zer000000 runs and 1 walk. Finishing it off was Daniel throwing his hide and seek balls with an added touch (benders) for zer00000 runs, zer0000000000 walks and 2BIGK’s.

With Grant pitching and a runner on first, the next batter smashed a grounder back to Grant. He fielded it cleanly, turned and threw a rocket to Daniel at short, who positioned himself to step on second a throw his own rocket to first for the double play. Making the last out of the game on a hard-hard hit low line drive to second baseman Steady Caleb, who saw the ball off the bat, and took 1 step and snagged the liner at the ground.

Leading the 15 hit attack with 3 hits was Trevor he started with a hot single, then a (TURN ON THE PITCH SEND IT TO OUTERSPACE OVER THE LEFT FIELD FENCE HOME RUN) with Shay on board for the ride finishing with another double, for 3 runs scored, and 3 (YES 3) RBI’s. With 2 hit games were Shay, Mason, Dawson, Daniel and Ashton. Shay had 2 singles, 1 gap shot double, for 1 RBI, and 4 (did I say 4) I MEAN 4BIG RUNS SCORED. Mason keeping his hot RBI hitting streak going came up with the bases full of Bremen All-Stars. Then preceded to Masonize them with a left field smash double to drive them all home for 1 run scored, and 3 (YES 3) RBI’s. Dawson with his knees bent, and his eye on the prize sent 2 solid singles to the outfield. Daniel had 2 Daniel-SAN singles to set the plate for the All-Stars behind him and they delivered for 2 runs scored. Ashton continuing his extra base smashes, with 2 not 1(BUT2) gap shot-quick swing doubles to the fence, for 2 RBI’s. With 1 hit games were Grant and Micah. Grant had an infield duck snort for a single. Micah had a hot smash grounder to the outfield for 2 runs scored and 2 RBI’s. Getting the other RBI on a hard ground out was Phoenix.

June 28 2016

THE TRAIN KEPT A RUNNIN, ___ _____ ____.
THE TRAIN KEPT A RUNNIN, ___ _____ ____.

Bremen traveled to Gai Paree (New Paris) to play Nappanee in the Boys of Summer tournament with the final being a 8 to 6 loss. The Bremen All-Stars played hard and well but the outcome did not go our way. Still all in all with only 3 losses in league play it was a very good Boys of Summer season.

Micah got the start and went 3 quality innings working the ball up and down efficiently, keeping the batters off balance, for 72% strikes 4 runs, 2 HBP, and 5 (YES 5) K’s. Daniel went the next 2 innings working the strike zone at a 75% rate making them earn their runs, for 4 runs scored, 1 walk, and 2K’s. Next up was Mason pitching 1 extremely strong inning for 80% (YES 80%) strikes zer000 runs zer000000 walks, and 1K. Trevor was next up going 2/3 of an inning throwing HEAT for zer000 runs scored, 1 walk, and 2K’s. Pitching the last 1/3 inning (Mario Rivera) no Shay throwing 3 pitches all strikes (YES THAT’S RIGHT 100%) for zer000 runs scored, zer000000 walks and 1 YES 1 K.

Leading the way with 2 hit games were the M & M All-Stars Mason & Micah. Mason produced ------BIG TIME-------- 1 over your head right fielder 2 RBI triple (his first All-Star triple), and 1 over your head center fielder 2 RBI double for 1 run scored, and 4 (YYYYES 4) RBI’s. Micah had 2 hard hit (I mean smashed hard hit) grounders through the infield for 2 singles, and 2 runs scored. With 1 hit games were Ashton, Daniel, Dawson, Shay, Trevor, and Zach. Ashton a tooo the fence line shot double then came around to score. Daniel a hard hit grounder through the infield, for 1 score. Dawson a (Dawsonized) gap shot single for 1 RBI. Define Dawsonized = When a hitter steps up to the plate with a runner in scoring position and the score keeper puts up the a run scored automatically. Shay a Shay-style single (over the first baseman’s head) line drive. Trevor a grounder hit to the third baseman, that he will never throw me out single, for 1 run scored. Zach a great Zachster at bat (foul off close pitches and get one to drive hard to right single), for 1 RBI. I told the team to pound the ball, and they did. Caleb a (HOT liner) to the pitcher that he had to ice his hand after the inning. Phoenix a (HOT smash) to center field fence that the outfielder reaches above to catch. Grant an (HOT liner) to the third baseman that he jumps high to stab with the tip of his glove. Ethan a (HOT grounder) up the middle that the shortstop dove for and it bounced his way.

June 22 2016

THE TRAIN KEPT A RUNNIN, ___ _____ ____.
THE TRAIN KEPT A RUNNIN, ___ _____ ____.

Bremen played a home game against the boys from Nappanee on Father’s Day, THANK YOU FATHERS. This game was played in extreme heat, but our Motley Crue played with great intensity, and went toe to toe with the Elkhart County boys, falling just short 11 to 10. Very good game, though the All-Stars were disappointed with the outcome (that’s a good sign), they should not be disappointed with their effort, (I know the coaches are not). There will be another day to play, and win.

Let’s start with Daniel at second in the first, 1 out pop up behind second into right field Dawson the right fielder could not get to it, buuuuuuuuuuut Daniel could with a diving over the head catch for out #2, and a throw to second to catch a runner off base for out #3 aaaaaaaaaaaamazing. Shortstop Phoenix going into the 5 ½ hole behind third diving on a hard grounder, standing up and making a rocket throw to first for an out aaaaaaamazing. In right field with Caleb, getting a glove on a low line drive bullet, and almost coming up with the spectacular catch aaaamazing

Micah got the start and went 2 strong hot innings throwing strikes, and keeping would be runners off the bases, for 3 runs scored, 1 walk, and 2K’s. Daniel went the next 3 innings of heated pitching, throwing everything but the kitchen sink, to keep them from scoring, finishing with 6 runs scored, 2 walks, and 2K’s. Shay pitched 1 burning inning, using his off speed arsenal to keep them at the plate for 1 run scored, 2 walks, and 2K’s. Trevor pitched the last blistering inning throwing heat, for 1 run scored, 2 walks, and 2K’s.

Leading the way with a 3 hit game Shay (HIS FIRST 3 HIT GAME OF THE SEASON). Keeping his eye on the prize for 3 solid singles 1 score, and 1 RBI. With 2 hit games were Ashton, Dawson, Grant, Trevor, and Ethan.

Ashton continued his quick swing, and quick feet, for 1 gap single, and 1 long gap double for 1 run scored, and 1 RBI. Dawson also continued his hot-hot-hot hitting pounding the ball 1 single and 1 to the fence double for 1 run scored, and 3 (YES) 3 RBI’s. Grant (the other brother) his first 2 hit All-Star game 2 left field singles the first a duck snort driving in 2 teammates, the second a hard hit grounder. Trevor (the other brother) 1 haard hit single, and 1 haaaaaaaaaard hit double for 1 RBI. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAnd Ethan (OUT OF THE FUNK) and into the (FUNKY) SMACKED did I say smacked (I MEAN SMMMMMMACKED) two two the fence rockets 1 a double, and the other a triple, for 2 runs scored. With 1 hit games were Mason, Micah, and Phoenix. Mason hit another patented line shot right field gapper for 1 run scored, Micah another-another patented line shot drive to center field, for 1 run scored, and 1 RBI. Phoenix another-another-another patented line drive single shot to right field for 2 runs scored.

Caleb and Zach had productive trips to the plate each with 3 hard hit balls but right at a fielder, good quality at bats.

June 20 2016

THE TRAIN KEPT A RUNNIN, ___ _____ ____.
THE TRAIN KEPT A RUNNIN, ___ _____ ____.

Bremen played a home game against the boys from Whitley County, and came away with a slowly pull away then smash the ball 11 to 1 win. Pitching – defense – and keeping our eye on the ball worked wondrously.

Two dropped step, find the towering pop-up, get my feet set, and make the catch. The first from third baseman Mason down the left field line on a great play. The other from second baseman Daniel who at the last second went to his knees, and caught the ball at the ground. A hard hit single that right fielder Zach tracked down, and threw to cut-off man Grant who wheeled and threw a rocket to third baseman Mason for a catch the ball and wait for the runner tag-out. A base runner caught between third and home which catcher Ethan, and Mason ran back and forth for the out, then threw to second to catch another runner trying to sneak in.

Micah got the start worked the strike zone in and out, up and down, using his defense to make outs, it was a very effective outing (did I say effective) yes EFFECTIVE-EFFECTIVE-EFFECTIVE-EFFECTIVE. Going for 1 run scored, zer00000 walks, 3BIGK’s and the win. Grant (the other brother) in his All-Star debut pitched the 5th inning to close out the game, like he had been there for ages, great deeeeeeeeeeeeeebut. Zer0000000 runs scored, zer000 walks, and 3BIGK’s

Leading the 15 hit onslaught with 3 hit games Daniel-Dawson-Phoenix. Daniel-SAN driving the ball haaaaaaaaaaaard, all 3 times 2 for singles 1 for a double. The fielders who caught each hit had to ice their hands after the inning. Going for 2 runs scored. The Hawk knees bent, eye on the ball, smoked it 3 times, the balls were actually synched after his hits. Going for 1 power single, 1 power double, and 1 power triple for 2 RBI’s. Phoenix nothing mystical about his 3 hits, just a super quick swing, (with the head down on the ball) 2 long singles and (did I say and) I mean AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAND 1 line drive, the ball is dented, shot over the center field fence 4 bagger, with 2 teammates along for the ride, 3 run super home run, his first All-Star homer. For 3 runs scored, and 4 (YES4) RBI’s. With 2 hit games were Micah and Shay.

The Ragin Micah 2 frozen rope singles each scoring Bremen All-Stars, for 2 runs scored, and 3 RBI’s leading the team with 19 teammates driven in. Rocky 1 (I can hit it over your head outfielder) double, 1 solid single, for 2 runs scored. With 1 hit games were Ashton, and Mason.

Ashton in his first plate appearance almost took the glove off the second baseman’s hand line drive out, then hit a hard single for 1 run scored, and 1 RBI. ColeTrain on his 3rd at bat, moved closer to the plate then took the pitch hard into right field for a single. Going for 1 run scored, and 1RBI. Earning a walk on a great plate appearance was the FreightTrain.

Moving runners into scoring positions with 2 quality at bats were;

Joliet Jake (the other brother), and Caleb (Crane- CC2- THE MEAN ONE), and (E-Nuny-Shoeless)

Joining Big Gabe on the D.L. but sharing first base coaching duties was Trevor (the other brother).

June 14 2016

THE TRAIN KEPT A RUNNIN, ___ _____ ____.
THE TRAIN KEPT A RUNNIN, ___ _____ ____.

In Major League Baseball, the winning pitcher is defined as the pitcher who last pitched prior to the half-inning when the winning team took the lead for the last time. The Bremen All-Stars traveled to Mentone for a makeup game, you could see the determined looks on their faces. Determined rightly so they were ready to play all 13, ready to rock and roll, ready to go toe to toe with the Egg boys, ready to cross the white lines and see which team fades away. Not today Mentone, Bremen had its way with a 7 round boxing match going blow for blow Bremen answered each bell and came away with a 7 to 6 win.

Ashton in center going way back to the fence to collect a fly ball for an out. Shay at second sticking to the bag for a force out even though he was being knocked over by a tough slide. Grant at third fielding a tough grounder bobbling it but reacting quick enough for the throw and an out. Ethan behind the plate taking a foul tip off the upper arm, and continuing to play. Phoenix at short playing through a sore shoulder blade, and making great plays. Trevor on the mound trying to finish an inning with a sore elbow. Zach with a jammed thumb still taking his turn at the plate. Perhaps the greatest play of the game, was the fact as one All-Star went down there was another All-Star to fill in, and play just as great.

Daniel got the start and went 2 innings keeping his team close in the scoring column. Throwing his hide-and-seek pitches, keeping the other team off balance. Finishing with 2 runs scored, zer00000000 walks, and 3K’s. Trevor with a sore elbow pitched 1/3 of an inning with 3 runs scored, 2 walks, and 1K. The Ragin Micah came in and pitched 3 2/3 innings of yeoman relief, sucking it up in his last eligible inning to strike out the last 2 batters he faced. Finishing with 75% strikes, 1 walk, 1 run scored, and 3K’s for the win. Then in the 7th with his team just taking a 1 run lead in dramatic form, in comes from the center field bullpen (who is that? Mario Rivera coming out of retirement) no our own Rocky (Shay). Getting the first out easily, I heard him tell the umpire “let’s make this fair for Mentone, load the bases” and they did. He then went on to force the next batter into a pop up to the mound for 2 outs, and to finish it off he whiffed the next batter on 3 pitches for the save, zer000000000 runs scored, 1 walk, and 1K.

An 11 hit attack; With 1 hit games were Shay, Micah, Grant, Ethan, Ashton, and Trevor. Shay a hard hit grounder up the middle for a single. Micah a line drive shot to right for a single. Grant a ground ball bouncer over the head of the second baseman for 1 run scored. Ethan a sharp (I hit the ball hard) grounder up the middle for a single.

Ashton a ooooh (that’s a hard hit) off the bat line drive triple shot, using his quick swing for the hit, and quick feet for the triple, for 1 run scored and 1 RBI. Trevor a ooooooooh (that’s a hard hit) towering fly ball with Daniel on base 2 run over the right field fence ROUND TRIPPER to tie the game at 6, for 1 run scored, and 2 RBI’s. With a 2 hit game Daniel-SAN Driving the ball hard (did I say hard) I MEAN HARD line drives for 1 single and 1 double to finish with 1 run scored 1 RBI. Scoring the first run after earning a walk and running the bases like a mystical bird, and like his feet were on fire, Phoenix.

Getting the other RBI on a hard ground out was Zach. With 2 hard hit grounders for outs, and earning a walk, and playing exceptionable third and first Mason. Earning a walk the hard way HBP (on the helmet), and having to be restrained by first base coach Big Gabe from charging the mound, then flicking his bat towards the dugout in disgust, THE MEAN ONE CALEB. With a 3 hit game I MEAN A 3 HARD HIT GAME “DAWSON” With 2 long hit smash singles for 1 run and 2 RBI’s. Up he steps in the 7th, the score tied and with the Ryan Express pitching; the Hawk lays into one and drove it to the fence for a double. On the next pitch with a slightly passed ball the Hawk jumps on it and goes to third. He tricked the catcher into throwing it towards third wildly, and the Hawk raced home for the go ahead run, AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAMAZING.

I have not had a update from the league on the standings I quite a while, I apologize for that, with some research here is what I think the standings for the Boys of Summer League.

New Paris, Whitco, and Middlebury are out of the running.
Nappanee is 6 wins 2 losses.
Mentone is 7 wins 1 loss.

And your Bremen All-Stars are 7 wins 1 loss.

June 12 2016

THE TRAIN KEPT A RUNNIN, ___ _____ ____.
THE TRAIN KEPT A RUNNIN, ___ _____ ____.

Bremen played a home game against the boys from northeast Elkhart County (Middlebury), and came away with a 16 to 5 win. The Funk to Funky theme continued with more All-Stars getting in that Funky way, (I’d say; 14 hits, and only 3K’s).

Let’s start with defense, again we played superior defense making the other team earn the few runs that they get. The biggest highlight of the game came in the first inning, and was a GAMECHANGER. Define Game Changer = (in sports) A sudden action - usually the result of a successful play - that changes the entire course of a game.

We have had many outstanding plays during this season, but this one is worth highlighting by itself. With 2 runners on, and 2 outs, a fly ball was hit to right/center field that coming off the bat looked like a sure double or triple, scoring both runs, and extending the inning. Zach our right fielder saw the ball off the bat and immediately started toward the hit, running full speed reached with his left hand and caught the fly over his shoulder at the fence, for the third out of the inning, ending any doubt of the outcome of the game. (AMAZING JUST AMAZING).

Micah got the start in the heat, and went 2 innings of controlled pitching, allowing 2 runs, 3 walks, and 2K’s. Shay pitched middle relief with a solid left/handed effort giving up 3 runs, for 2 walks, 2K’s and his first All-Star win. Mason closed it out shutting down any thought of a rally finishing with zer00000000 runs, 2 walks, 2K’s

Leading the 14 hit attack with 2 hits were Ashton, Daniel, Micah, and Trevor. Ashton keeping his head on the ball and with his quick swing belted out 2 hard hit singles, for 1 run scored, and 1 RBI. Daniel finished both his swings with authority, and came up with 2 line drive singles for 2 runs scored. Micah with both hand on his swings powered 1 hard hit single, and 1 gap shot double for 2 runs scored and 4 (YES 4) RBI’s. Trevor 1 line drive double to the fence, and with Daniel on board dented the baseball with his swing sending it to the parking lot in right/center field, for a whammo 2 run home run.

With 1 hit games Dawson, Caleb, Grant, Mason, Phoenix, and Zach. Dawson a power-ade line drive single up the middle, for 2 runs scored 2 RBI’s. Grant with his eyes on the prize (baseball) sent a bouncing smoked ground ball single up the middle, for 1 run scored, and 2 RBI’s.

Mason continued hitting the seams off the ball and came away with right field single for 1 run scored. Phoenix head down and tracking the pitch, sent the pitch right back to the gap in right/center field for a solid double for 2 runs scored, and 2 RBI’s.

Zach working the pitch count to his favor drove a pitch down the right field line for a pretty single, and 1 RBI. Scoring the other runs for the All-Stars after earning walks, and flying around the bases (like their feet were on fir

June 10 2016

THE TRAIN KEPT A RUNNIN, ___ _____ ____.
THE TRAIN KEPT A RUNNIN, ___ _____ ____.
Bremen traveled to Nappanee to play the boys from southwest Elkhart County or Nappanee or Wa-nee or Northwood, and came away with an 8 to 7 win. Quality win over a quality opponent. Our pre-game talk was about scoring more runs, we play top notch defense, have outstanding pitching, so if we are able to score more runs, we will be unbeatable.

The THEME for the next few games is this: KEEP YOUR EYE ON THE PRIZE (baseball) and the runs will come. I have talked to the players about being in a funk at the plate. Define Funk = “state of mind, like you are in an intense fog, a haze, causing a momentary lack of focus”. With continued work at the plate on seeing the pitch all the way to the bat, we will come out of the funk, and into the FUNKY. Define Funky = “a fine stylish excellent condition”.

Leading the 11 hit attack (YES 11) with 2 hit games were Daniel, Micah, and Trevor. Daniel-SAN 2 solid smoked (on fire) line drive singles for 2 runs scored and 2 RBI’s Raging Micah 2 singles one a 2 RBI shot down the right field line the other up the middle. Elwood (the other brother) 1 single, and the other a ball of fire hit into center that 1 hopped the fence for a ground rule double (his second) for 1 run scored, and 2 RBI’s. With 1 hit games were Dawson, Grant, Mason, Shay, and Zach. The HAWK crushed the ball (I mean TORE THE SEAMS) into the left center field gap for a long single finishing with 1 run scored. Joliet Jake (the other brother) (just back from a weekend state soccer tourney that his team won) an over your infielders head solid line drive single for 2 runs scored. ColeTrain went down a got a pitch and drove it into right center field (it actually knocked the fielder over) for a 1 bagger. Rocky a rolling thunder ground ball single up the middle for 1 RBI. FreightTrain his patented hit it hard down the right field line putting a hole in the first baseman’s mitt single for 1 run scored. Getting on base 3 times (2 the hard way HBP (tied an All-Star record) then earning a walk Caleb (the Crane) for 1 RBI.

The outfielders were all over the field keeping Nappanee to singles making them earn their runs, were the HAWK, Crane, FreightTrain and in center Captaining the outfielders Ashton (Hustler). Grant at third stole 2 would be singles on great defensive ground ball grabs, one he threw to Mason at first, and got it right back to make a tag out. At short Phoenix (that Mystical birdman) grabbed an up the middle grounder righted himself an threw to Daniel at second for a force out.

Getting the start and the win Daniel throwing 1 1/3 innings of hide-and-seek for 2 runs scored 2 walks, 3K’s. Trevor pitching middle relief his first extended inning outing in a few games threw hard strikes for 2 2/3 innings for zer0000000 runs scored zer000000 walks, and 5BIGK’s. Pitching 3 innings for the save Micah, the last inning in TRUE CLOSER FASHION coming out and striking out the side looking (I MEAN THEY DID NOT SWING) for 5 runs scored 2 walks, and 6Yes 6BIGK’s. Rejoining the team (taking a break from rehabbing in Dallas Texas with Jaylon Smith at the Cowboys training facility) Big Gabe Kerr, nice to have him in the dugout.

Lastly when I get into a funk (yes coaches get into funks toooo) I start humming this song, and it brings me right out of the haze, and into FUNKY.

June 7 2016

THE TRAIN KEPT A RUNNIN, ___ _____ ____.
THE TRAIN KEPT A RUNNIN, ___ _____ ____.
2016 Was an eggcellant year at the EGG for the Bremen All-Stars. We did not win but, (and I mean bbbbbbbbbbbbbbbut) we played in the winners bracket finals, played on Sunday, and finished third. GGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGreat We started with a win over a ghost of a team from Peru. Then went on to take to the Whitley county boys 11 to 3. In the winners bracket final we held our own for a 4 to 1 loss against the home EGG boys. Then lost to the boys just across the Elkhart county line (Nappaknee) 5 to 3. I say that is an eggcellant tourney.

Micah in his Raging Bull style pitched 5 2/3 innings, picking up 2 wins. Going for 68% strikes, for 4 runs scored, zer0000000000 walks, 5BIGK’s. Daniel-SAN pitched 6 1/3 innings of hide-and-seek pitches. Going for 64 ½ % strikes, 7 runs scored, 4 walks, 3K’s. Shay (Rocky) pitched 3 eggcellant innings (his longest All-Star outing) of 72% strikes for 1 run scored, 1 walk, and 5BIGK’s. Mason (ColeTrain) pitched 1 inning finishing up a Bremen win for 69% strikes, Zer00000000 runs, and 1 walk.

Every All-Star got a hit-----------------------WAY-TO-GO. Leading the way with 6 EGG hits was Trevor (Elwood the other brother). 3 hard hit singles, 1 gap shot double, 1 to the fence triple shot, and, and I mean (AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAND) a towering over the right-center field fence onto a car 2 run 4 bagger (HOMERRRRRRRRRRRUN) HIS FIRST All-Star homer WHAT A SHOT. For 5 runs scored and 3 RBI’s. With 4 hit egg’s were Shay and Mason Shay 4 solid singles I mean hard line drives for 2 runs scored. Mason had 2 gap shot singles, and 2 (YES) 2 to the fence doubles, for 1 RBI. With 3 hit egg’s were Daniel, Micah and Phoenix. Daniel 3 use the whole field singles, 1 nice sac bunt, for 2 runs scored. Micah 1 gap single, 2 1 hop to the fence doubles, for 2 runs scored, and 4 (yes) 4 RBI’s. Phoenix (BirdMan) 2 over the infielders head singles, 1 I can beat your throw to second double, for 3 runs scored, and 3 RBI’s. With 2 hit egg Ethan (E-SHOELESS-NUNY) 2 solid between the outfielder’s singles for 1 RBI. With 1 hit egg’s were Ashton, Dawson, Caleb, and Zach. Ashton another (Hustler) I can beat your throw infield single 1 sac fly for 1 run scored, and 2 RBI’s. Dawson (Hawk) 1 outfielder you can’t catch this single for 1 RBI. Caleb (CC-2) 1 between the infielders hard hit ground ball single. Zach (FreightTrain) 1 down the right field line, line drive to the fence double bagger.

A Hawk to Rocky to the E-Man at home put out of a would be run scorer. Two over your infielder’s heads drop step and hustle over your shoulder catches, 1 by the BirdMan, 1 by Rocky. The Bull a reach over third base, spear a hard grounder, and throw a (on fire) missile shot to first for an out. From ColeTrain (my defense is so bright I have to wear shades) a dive to the ground, gobble up a on fire grounder, pick myself up and throw to first for the out, and at first, a frozen rope at his feet, line drive catch for 1 out, step on first for 2 outs, and almost get 3 outs with a rocket throw to second.

June 3 2016

THE TRAIN KEPT A RUNNIN, ___ _____ ____.
THE TRAIN KEPT A RUNNIN, ___ _____ ____.
On June 1 Bremen played a home game against Mentone, and came away with a 10 to 0 loss. Teams will have games like this one, we will bounce back. I will blame it on being rusty, and we all know (RUST NEVER SLEEPS). Which means in baseball, if you don’t use your baseball skills regularly, it takes a few games to bring those skills back? Fortunately we have ample games to do that in.

The greatness of this game is that the 4 All-Star pitchers only allowed 1 walk for the 7 innings, vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvery good. Trevor got the start and went 1 2/3 innings for 2 runs scored, 1 walk and 1K. Daniel pitched next 1 1/3 innings, for 4 runs scored, zer0000000000 walks, and 1K. Next up was Micah going 3 full innings (strong armed relief) for 3 runs scored, and zer00000000000 walks. And, did I say and, I mean AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAND Shay (who coach Z calls ROCKY) pitched his first inning of All-Star baseball and did excellant for 1 run scored, zer00000000000 walks, and 2K’s.

In the first inning, with a runner trying to score on an outfield single, Daniel-SAN took the relay throw and sent a rocket to Ethan (Shoeless) at the plate for a spectacular tag out. The FreightTrain (Zach) in right field saw the ball coming off the bat heading down the right foul line jumped on it and made a spearing catch for an out. At second base, 2 outs, and the bases jammed with Egg boys, Caleb (CC-2) threw out his claw on a hard hit line drive and corralled it in for the third out (STUPENDICE).

With a 2 hit game Ashton (Hustler) using his bat, his hands, his legs, his feet (his HUSTLE) scorched 2 line drive gap shots 1 a single the other a to the fence triple shot (his first All-Star 3 bagger), GGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGREAT. With a 1 hit game was Trevor (Elwood the other brother) a very nice hard hit FROZEN ROPE line drive Single. Earning walks to extend innings, and get Bremen All-Stars on the bases, (The Hawk) Dawson, FreightTrain, and Daniel-SAN. Playing a quality first, and with his right arm lose, (in case we needed more pitching) Mason. Playing a good shortstop, (tracking down a lot of grounders) Phoenix. Playing all over the infield short-second-third Grant.

Next up: The Egg (EGGCELLANT). The following video is of the mascot for the Egg Festival Baseball tournament.


May 23, 2016

THE TRAIN KEPT A RUNNIN, ___ _____ ____.
THE TRAIN KEPT A RUNNIN, ___ _____ ____.
10U and 12U Division Rules and Bylaws
League Director: Zach Benko


1. All base runners must slide or attempt to get around a fielder who has possession of the ball and is waiting to make a tag .

a A player failing to slide or avoid contact with a fielder waiting to make a tag will be called out regardless of the outcome of the play.

The Bremen All-Stars traveled to Gai Paree (New Paris) and came away with a Class 2 Hurricane win, 13 to 6.

Let’s start with pitching
Micah (Raging Bull) got the start and the win, after 3 very effective (take command) innings on the mound going for 1 run scored, 1 walk, and 3BIGK’s. Next up Trevor (Elwood the other brother), back from rehab and ready to play, going 1 strong inning, for 1 run scored, 1 walk, and 2K’s. Pitching 1 inning in middle relief Mason (ColeTrain) throwing pitches fooling everyone on the other side, and staying in control for 4 runs, and zer0000 walks. Finishing the game with 2 (I’m in charge) innings Daniel-SAN pitching his hidden ball pitches for zer0000000 runs, zer000 walks, and 2K’s. OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOnly 2 walks for 7 innings UNHEARD OF EXCEPT FOR THESE PITCHERS!

Ending the first inning, with a up the middle (should have been a single) hit that shortstop Phoenix (THE BIRD MAN) flew to, grabbed the grounder stepped on second and threw to Shay at first for double-double-double play to end the inning. Outfield play (have I mentioned that any All-Star who plays outfield for this team makes plays that this coach has rarely seen, there GGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGREAT), in left, Ashton (Hustler), and center Dawson (Hawk) each caught long flys that should have been hits. In right Zach (FreightTrain) tracked to the foul line stabbed a hit on the first bounce, and kept the hitter to a single. Caleb (the Crane) at second going into right field and snaring an over the shoulder pop up for an out.

a CLASS 2 HURRICANE OFFENSE 16 hits yessssssssssssssssssss. Leading the hit storm, (like a bull in a china shop) Micah with a 3 hit game. 3 solid singles for 3 runs scored and 2 RBIs. With 2 hit games Ashton-Phoenix-Shay. The Hustler had 1 single 1 gap long-long-long double for 2 runs scored and 3 (yes3) RBIs. The Bird Man a pretty bunt single, a single up the middle, for 2 runs scored. Fightin Irish 2 singles, (1 down the right field line that he turned on) for 1 run scored, 1 RBI. With 1 hit games Daniel-Dawson-Ethan-Caleb-Mason-Zach-Trevor. Daniel-SAN a nice single for 1 run scored. Hawk 1 duck snort single for 2 runs scored, 2 RBI’s. Shoeless (REALLY SHOELESS tonight) 1 ground ball single for 1 RBI. Crane 1 infield (ICANBEATYOURTHROW) single for 1 RBI. FreightTrain 1 foul off 15 pitches and wear you out line drive single to right for 1 RBI. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAANNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNDDDDDDDDDDDDD Elwood (the other brother) 1 hit but (WHAT A HIT) a line drive ground rule double that made it to the fence before the pitch was thrown for 1 run scored 1 RBI. Aaaaannnnnnnnnnnndddddddddd not to be outdone Grant (Joliet Jake the other brother) had 3 quality at bats, and earned 1 walk.

And Keeping With Paree Theme

My favorite French Singer of all time!

May 16, 2016

THE TRAIN KEPT A RUNNIN, ___ _____ ____.
THE TRAIN KEPT A RUNNIN, ___ _____ ____.

Bremen traveled to Pierceton to play a makeup game with Whitco, taking it to the boys from Whitley County in an 8 to 3 win. The defense stayed hot, the pitching continued to blaze, and the offense is starting to heat up. Knocking out a total of 17 singles, (DID I SAY 17 SINGLES I MEAN SEEEEEEEEVENTEEEEEEEEEEEN HITS). With every All-Star getting on the hit band wagon.

Leading the hit parade with a 3 hit game; Daniel-SAN his first 3 hitter of the season, 3 singles 1 run scored and 1 RBI.

With 2 hit games were Micah-Phoenix-Shay-Zach. Micah (Raging Bull) had 2 deep singles, and 2 runs scored. Phoenix had 2 mystical bird singles for 1 RBI. Shay (Fightin Irish) 2 ground singles up the middle for 1 run scored, and 1 RBI. The (Freight Train) Zach got his wheels turning, for 2 singles (his first 2 hit game as an All-Star), 1 a bases loaded 2 RBI single the other a hard hit single to right.

With 1 hit games all the rest of the All-Stars, Ashton-Dawson-Ethan-Caleb-Grant-Mason. Ashton (the Hustler) hustled out another infield single for 1 run scored, and 1 RBI. Dawson (the Hawk) a line drive single for 2 runs scored. Ethan (Nuny) 1 single up the middle and a HBP the first All-Star to be hit. Caleb (the Crain) beat out an infield single. Grant (Joliet Jake) just back from a weekend soccer series with the Chicago Fire, had a right field single for 1 run scored. Mason (ColeTrain) had a hard hit single for 2 RBI’s.

Fantastic Defense
Phoenix flew into left field near the foul line, with the Hustler bearing down on him from left field, Phoenix had another over your head catch of a long fly ball. Caleb in left field ran a long distance towards the infield and scooped a fly ball for and out. Zach in right field running hard to the foul line tracked down a line drive for an out. Shay at second base fought his way to behind first to catch a would be duck snort single. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAnd Shoeless for his catchers crouch threw a line drive shot to shortstop Phoenix for a tag out of a would be base stealer.

Stupendous Pitching:
Daniel-SAN started and got the win after going 4 innings (of now you see it-now you don’t) pitches for 1 run scored, zer0000000000 walks, and 2K’s. ColeTrain in his first pitching action of the season threw 1 quality inning for 2 runs scored, and 1 walk. Raging Bull finished the game, and just overpowered the Whitco hitters going 2 innings for zer00000000 runs, 1 walk, 1K, and zer000000000000 hits.

May 12, 2016

THE TRAIN KEPT A RUNNIN, ___ _____ ____.
THE TRAIN KEPT A RUNNIN, ___ _____ ____.

Bremen traveled the long road to Middlebury for a game Wednesday night, and controlled all seven innings, for a 5 to 2 win. By controlling I mean EXXXXXXXXXXXCELLANT defense, EXXXXXXXXXXXXCELLANT pitching, and timely, clutch hitting.

Defensive Highlights
Let’s start in the first inning, a runner on third 1 out. A hard hit grounder back to Daniel-SAN, who cupped the ball, threw a sizzler to Mason (COALTRAIN) at first for the second out, COALTRAIN then threw a sizzler to Ethan (Shoeless Nuny) at the plate who tagged the runner trying to score for the third out. The All-Stars first double play of the season. Phoenix at shortstop, flying into center field (like a mystical bird), and with center fielder Dawson (Hawk) flying in from center Phoenix caught the fly, with an over the shoulder catch. In left field keeping a hard hit ground single in front of him, Caleb (the Crain i.e. CC or as the Yankees refer to him in my weekly updates CC-2) scooped the ball up like a Crain , threw a rocket to Daniel-SAN at second for an aggressive tag out of the runner trying to stretch a single into a double. How about in the 7th inning another hard hit grounder to left where left fielder Ashton, (hustled) over, dove to keep the grounder in front of him and keep the runner out of scoring position.

Oooooooooooooooooooooh what stellar pitching. Daniel-SAN got the start and went 3 innings baffling the Middlebury hitters with his (sleight of hand) off speed pitches for 1 run scored, 1 walk, 3K’s, and 70% strikes thrown, for the win. Finishing the game (going 4 innings) was Micah (RAGING BULL), who threw strikes (69%) keeping the hitters off balance, not a one had a hard hit, for 1 run scored, 1 walk, and 6K’s (YES 6K’s)

Offensive Highlights
Timely Hitting
Leading the way with a 2 hit game, was the RAGING BULL 1 RBI single 1 RBI double, and 2 runs scored. With 1 hit games were Ashton, Daniel, Dawson, Phoenix, Shay, and Ethan. Ashton (HUSTLER) who hustled out an (I can beat your throw to first) infield single, for an RBI. Daniel-SAN a line drive single to right. Hawk who sent a hard hit line drive (I MEAN A HARD HIT LINE DRIVE) over the center fielders head for a RBI triple, an All-Star first of the season. Phoenix sent a (mystical bird) line drive single up the middle, and came around to score after running the base paths hard. Shay (FIGHTIN IRISH) line drive single up the middle in the 7th inning. Shoeless Nuny who sent a pitch to left field for a line drive single. Zach got on base twice after earning walks, and ran bases like a (FRIEGHT TRAIN). Grant (JOILET JAKE – the other brother) had 3 quality plate appearances, and 1 hard hit ground out. DL update; going on the 30 day DL, retroactive to May 1 was Trevor (ELWOOD the other brother). Elwood will be doing his rehab assignment with either the Kane County Cougars of the Class A Midwest league, or the Calumet City Rockers of the of the USBHL (United States Big House League)

May 3, 2016

Bremen opened play in the Boys of Summer league with a convincing 14 to3 win over New Paris on May 1 at Bremen. It was a very good first game of the season, our defense shone, our pitchers threw strikes, and our offence came to life the second and third time through the batting order.

This team has 12 solid All-Star baseball players, but it is a TEAM it needs all the All-Stars playing well to succeed. It is like a train with 12 wheels, when one wheel does not turn the train does not move.


On with the highlights:

The 3 pitchers for the game Trevor-Daniel-Micah each had hard hit balls back to the mound, each was fielded smoothly, and outs were made at first. The whole team backed each other up well, hustled to every ball, and kept the New Paris boys in check.

Starting and going 3 strong innings was Trevor, finishing with zer00000000000 runs, walking just 1, and having 7K’s (yes 7 K’s). Daniel going 2 strong innings giving up just 2 runs, with 2 walks, and 2 K’s for the win. Micah finishing it off for 1 inning strongly, giving up just 1 run, with zer00000000000 walks, and 1K.

Leading the way with 2 hit games was
Ashton in his first All-Star game 2 singles, 2 runs scored and 1 RBI (way to go Ashton). Daniel just like in Daniel fashion, 2 hard hit singles, and 2 runs scored. Shay (who always has the luck of the IRISH with him) 1 single, 1 walkoff double for 4 RBI’s (YES 4 RBI’s).

With 1 hit games were
Dawson (THE HAWK) a solid single, for 2 runs scored and 1 RBI. Ethan (NUNY) 1 long over your head double for 1 runs scored and 2 RBI’s. Mason another over your head double, for 2 runs scored, and 1 RBI. Grant (the other brother) 1 line drive single for 2 runs scored (1 was the game winner), and 1 RBI. Micah 1 deep single, 1 SAC fly for 2 RBI’s. Phoenix 1 (the flight of the) single for 1 run scored, and 1 RBI. Trevor (the other brother) 1 infield (run hard to first and beat the throw) single for 1 run scored. Getting the other RBI was Caleb after earning a bases loaded walk, and scoring 1 run after earning an inning extending walk. Zach had 3 quality at bats, (fouling off many pitches and working the count deep).


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